PTSD Doesn't Need To Isolate You

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The human body and mind can endure incredible trauma, but survival often comes at a cost. Post-traumatic stress disorder can develop after a person experiences physical or emotional trauma. As an experienced family therapist, Brian Stalcup MED can help you process your experience in a safe and controlled environment.

Brian offers PTSD therapy in Norman, OK, serving residents of Newcastle and Choctaw, OK. The first step to recovery is making an appointment. Call 405-921-7012 now.

All kinds of events can lead to PTSD

Most people know that sexual and physical assault, sudden accidents and combat experiences can lead to PTSD. But you can also experience post-traumatic stress after...

  • Giving birth
  • Witnessing a death
  • Experiencing a long illness
  • An extended hospital stay

Digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and sexual dysfunction can all be symptoms of PTSD. Therapy can help you uncover the cause of these or other symptoms.

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