About Brian Stalcup MED

Mr. Stalcup’s research and teaching have focused on wellness development, prevention science, and the treatment of substance abuse disorders and co-occurring conditions.

Mr. Stalcup’s research has also included the experience of women with substance abuse disorders in detention settings, as well as furthering the understanding of the correlation between attachment and substance abuse disorder etiology in adolescent females. Mr. Stalcup is active in the recovery community and integrates a knowledge base of spirituality and philosophy into his work with clients.

Mr. Stalcup earned his masters degree in counseling at the University of Oklahoma and completed doctoral practicum training at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the University of Tulsa. Mr. Stalcup received his internship training at the University of Western Michigan.

Before opening his private practice, Mr. Stalcup was Director of Clinical Services at Vizown Advanced Residential Treatment & Recovery Center for Women. Previous to Vizown, Mr. Stalcup worked in the community mental health field providing evidence-based treatment for individuals with substance use disorders and severe mental illness, including extensive work with court referred clients.

While in the community mental health field, Mr. Stalcup helped to develop an evidence-based treatment model for the Oklahoma County Veterans Diversion Program and pioneered evidenced-based treatment for substance use disorders at a leading Community Mental Health Center in the metro Oklahoma City area.

Mr. Stalcup’s psychotherapy, coaching, and wellness practice meets all clients where they are today, seeks to cooperatively identify their current needs, works alongside them to develop solutions, and empowers their work going forward.